day to night: lip balm

day to night: lip balm

’tis suddenly the season for hand cream and lip balm. there’s only a slight chill in the air and it seems that my lips are instantly void of all moisture. thank goodness that each season there is always a bounty of fresh options in the lip balm department. for fall, i have embraced the high-low strategy and invested in a duo that is keeping things in check.

during the day, i reach for yes to’s new naturally smooth lip balm in grapefruit. it’s light and moisturizing in an energizing flavor with ingredients like aloe, cocoa butter and shea butter that bring major bang for the buck to this $3 option. i love the sleek oval shape that fits everywhere (even in my wallet) without bulking things up and makes it extra easy to apply.

before bed, i slather on marc jacobs’ lip lock moisture balm. it’s rich and buttery, instantly soothing my lips after i wash and tone my face (which always leaves them dry). it feels indulgent at the end of a long day and i swear that it’s made an impact on my lips’ moisture levels. while it’s not the cheapest, you definitely get what you pay for – including ultra chic packaging.

what’s keeping your lips hydrated, from day to night?


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