orla kiely at target

orla kiely at target

if you don’t know orla kiely, then you definitely should. she’s a contemporary irish designer by way of london who has especially made a name for herself when it comes to unique retro prints. she’s known for her laminate cloth handbags which are the true essence of this darling collection, currently at target. when i spotted these absolutely adorably patterned cosmetic bags, i wanted to stuff all of them into my cart at once! i love that they are fabulous, functional, and pieces that are true orla originals at a fraction of the price. truth be told, i would pay top dollar because the organizers, zip pouches and train cases would make a serious impact on my travel situation. i’m going back to get the double zip ($16.99), the train case ($19.99), and the organizer ($16.99) for sure. my advice? if you spot these beauties at your local  target you should definitely scoop a couple up – because i don’t imagine that they will last long!

orla kiely for target cosmetic bag collection ($9.99 – $29.99) >


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