sonia kashuk soft cosmetic case

sonia kashuk soft cosmetic floral

i am lo-ving these soft cosmetic cases from sonia kashuk’s target line, not only because of their budget-friendly price of $6.99, but because their smaller size recently forced me to do a major edit of the contents of my (dirty, oversized) cosmetic bag. it wasn’t a good situation – i had old eyeliners, eyeshadows i never wear, three cheek tints (i mean, really) and a variety of other unnecessary goods in that old thing. this perfectly-sized pouch was just too cute to pass up, so purge i did!

the chubby little number is small enough to limit me to my essentials but flexible enough that i can still stick in a few extra products if i need ’em. the adorable prints are a plus – we are loving the floral shown above and this geometric. i might just snag a few more if my makeup starts overflowing again. such a great solution for toting my daily necessities on the go!

do tell us what do you prefer: a large makeup bag that fits everything you might
(or might not) need, or a small, just-the-basics pouch?

shop sonia kashuk soft cosmetic case ($6.99) here >


2 thoughts on “sonia kashuk soft cosmetic case

  1. I personally like a just the basics kind of case. My purse is already heavy enough, so I like to keep it to what I use the most and one or two fun extras (blue mascara anyone?).

    I’ll also have to check out those sonia kashuk cases. I especially loved the geometric case, it’s simple yet chic.

    xx MBOB


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