kerastase volumifique

Kerastase Volumifique

i want to talk about big hair.

is it so much to ask? all i want is hair that looks thick and full, with some shape and slight hold. i want it to look like they’re my god-given strands and i don’t want it to look like a helmet. i know that all of you thin-haired gals can relate to my troubles and so, this post is for you.

in truth, very few products have given me what i want over the years. sure, there are volumizers that have fluffed things up, but by mid-afternoon my hair is normally laying pretty flat again. there are sprays that have given it shape which gives the illusion of big, but i’m normally left with a semi-sticky head and hair that you cannot get your fingers through. there are root boosters that give me height on top but do nothing for the rest of my hair, leaving the ends straight and sticking to the side of my face.

does anyone else see the problem here?

so when kerastase contacted me with news of their newly revamped volumifique line, i couldn’t get in for an appointment fast enough. i went to progressions (for all you dc gals, kevin is a magician! do not pass go, do not collect $200, get yourself an appointment with this man stat.) and settled in for the full treatment. the line consists of a shampoo that can only be described as luscious, an innovative gel treatment that seriously might be the coolest thing i have ever put in my hair, and a styling mousse that whips things up for long-lasting volume.

the results were extra good. my blowout was round and smooth, with a bigness that was silky and not at all stiff. i could play with my hair, getting my fingers through with no problem, and the “memory” that the mousse gave to my hair meant that it settled back into the intended style even after i was messing with it. i could easily reactivate the lift throughout the day by tousling the roots. we’re talking hair nirvana here, people.

i think the magic is in the in-shower gel treatment that works as a conditioner and volumizer. you leave it in for three minutes and then rinse it out for tons of amped up fluff. the mousse is also no slouch and i’m still impressed with how great my hair looks using only one product as opposed to my normal cocktail. let us just say that this is the good stuff.

if you’re ready to bring on the big hair, you can shop the kerastase volumifique line here.


8 thoughts on “kerastase volumifique

  1. Hey Lara, how does this product compare to the Organix thick and full products you reviewed a few weeks ago? I need new shampoo and I just want to get it perfect the first time.


    • i new a savvy beauty reader would ask me that! i have thought a lot about it actually – especially since the price difference is so massive. the organix products give more volume, but i think the kerastase are better for my hair in the long run. after repeated use with the organix i did feel like my hair was dulling and getting a bit “tired” – those products sacrifice everything for amazing volume! with the kerastase, my hair feels a bit healthier (even right out of the shower, it’s softer) like something is being done to improve texture, not just make it bigger. hopefully that makes sense!


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