julep mighty nail and cuticle serum

julep mighty nail & cuticle serum

my nails have kinda been through the ringer lately. with the nail art campaign and then prepping for the man repeller book signing, i don’t think that they’ve been without polish for a solid month. i notice a distinct difference in color and texture when i don’t let things breathe, so i went in search of a little sweet salvation for my precious nail beds.

i discovered julep’s mighty nail and cuticle serum on a cruise through sephora and was intrigued. i bravely used the click pen and brush tip to apply the good stuff to my left hand and went about my shopping. (i say bravely because most cuticle products are on the greasy side and don’t soak in very well – not the case with julep mighty!) my nails and cuticles drank up the light liquid and it all but disappeared in seconds, leaving me with instantly healthier looking nails. the shine factor showed a major difference between my left and my right hand and even now i can tell that the cuticles on my left hand are much cleaner and far better behaved than those on my right.

this product is convenient and easy to use which means that i’ve been swiping it on regularly to enjoy healthier, less dry, and less brittle nails. i’m giving this one top marks and can confidently recommend that anyone whose nails need a little love will enjoy fab results from julep’s mighty serum.

julep mighty nail and cuticle serum ($22) >


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