kai perfume oil

kai perfume oil

here’s the thing about a classic: it’s simple, unassuming, not overdone and never tries too hard.

kai’s gorgeous fragrance has a list of celebrity devotees longer than my arm and one sniff solidifies just why that is. the scent is comfortably light, but seriously intoxicating with a certain je ne sais quoi that has friends (and strangers) grabbing my arm to get a closer smell. a look at the ingredient list reveals a hearty dose of gardenia tangled up with several other exotic florals that make this one a rare specialty, worthy of its cult following. its ease makes it perfect enough to be worn everyday and a flick of my inner wrist towards my nose is all it takes to have me dreaming of the islands. it’s one of those fragrances that goes with every outfit, every mood, making it an essential for every girl. i’m thinking that all you need is a cozy afternoon with this stuff and you won’t wonder as to why it’s such a sought-after scent. i’m partial to the rollerball (no surprise) for its concentration and convenience, but just about anything in this collection will add a touch of cool-gal glamour to your situation.

kai perfume oil, $48 >


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