triangle tips with Suave® Skin Solutions Body Lotions + Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs

suave skin solutions body lotion

this week’s nail art challenge was to play with intricate design. again, steady handedness not being one of my strong suits, i opted to cheat a little bit using some tape and Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs  to get the finished look. and since my nail is mostly bare in this look, clean cuticles were especially important! Suave® Skin Solutions Soothing Body Lotion was just what i needed to ensure my cuticles were moisturized, creating the foundation for a perfect manicure.

here’s my take on fun and funky triangle-tipped nail look, including the essential steps of moisturizing skin and precision polishing with Suave® and Q-tips®:

triangle nail art

first, i used two pieces of colored tape per finger to create little triangle stencils on each nail. i found that colored tape works far better than clear because i can actually see what I’m doing.

triangle nail art 2

then, i carefully painted two coats of a show-stopping red on to each nail, making sure each coat was on the thin side. (if things get too globby, you’ll literally have a mess on your hands when you try to remove the tape.)

triangle nail art cleanup

once my nails were dry, i removed the tape and cleaned up the edges of each triangle with a Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swab. the pointed tips were perfect for this kind of precision work and my triangles had smooth, straight edges.

triangle nail art gold dot

then, i dipped a Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swab into a beautiful molten gold polish, dotting the tip of each triangle.

finished triangle nail art

the finished look is so fun and definitely eye-catching, plus, did you see how easy it is to achieve?

this post was created in connection with my appointment as an Influencer for Suave® and Q-Tips®.  visit for the chance to win Suave® Skin Solutions Body Lotions and Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs or $500 for the ultimate day of beauty and style.

all photos by kate headley.

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