not-so-scary serums

not-so-scary serums

i’m easily intimidated by things like masks and serums. deep down i’m not always sure why i need them and don’t even get me started on trying to figure out which one is best. worst of all, even if i think i’m making the right call, how do i know that my skin won’t completely freak out? ugh.

but the results and impact that a serum can have on the skin is just too tempting to leave untested, so this little beauty blogger has gotten brave and i’m happy to say that i’m more than impressed with some of the things in serum land.

supergoop city sunscreen serum spf 30, $42
i fell in love with this one during the summer, but it has already saved me on more than one stunning pre-fall day on the soccer field sidelines. this broad spectrum spf protects skin, moisturizes, and combats premature aging. i like knowing that it’s fighting the effects of both future and past sun damage. the formula is lightweight, super smooth to apply and my makeup glides over top. i use it alone as an spf and also as a priming booster under my favorite foundation.

mark youth movement skin perfecting serum, $20
quite possibly the ideal starter serum, mark has created a lightweight and fast-absorbing formula. antioxidants like goji berry and pomegranate slow down any noticeable signs of aging and also fade acne marks with the quickness. my skin is smoother, brighter, and far less dull with fewer age spots and a much more even tone. for $20 i’m feeling like this stuff is worth its weight in gold. leave it to mark to create such a super-powered little skin saver!

murad advanced active radiance serum, $89
murad’s vitamin c-packed serum means serious business. if you’re looking for a potent product to tackle environmental damage, spur cell renewal, and prevent future pigmentation from occurring this is your solution. the formula exfoliates skin, supports natural collagen production and works aggressively to improve radiance. i find that my skin is plumper and clearer in the mornings and it hasn’t done a thing to irritate my sensitivity.

got a favorite serum in your skincare routine? do tell!


2 thoughts on “not-so-scary serums

  1. My stepmom swears by Murad ever since she had a wrinkle on her forehead literally disappear while she used it. A lot of Massage Envy locations also offer Murad facials, which saved my skin during a really terrible breakout a few years ago.


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