labor day lovin’ : pantene keragloss oil mist

2013-09-03 08.43.41

if you know me, you know that i’m into flawlessly fuss-free hair. i rely on a strong cut and quality products to keep my lovely locks looking their best for as many days in a row as possible. that being said, i do put my hair through a lot. my natural curls are beat back with a blow dryer and flat iron every couple of days and that kind of regimen can do some serious damage if you’re not careful.

2013-09-03 08.43.45

when i found out that pantene was launching a hair oil mist that promised to repair hair for 48 hours of continuous shine, i had to get in on the action. i have been playing with pantene expert collection keragloss oil mist for a couple of weeks, but put it to the true test over the long labor day weekend.

2013-08-29 13.44.09

this product is amazing for dull/damaged hair. it locks in moisture for a smooth, frizz-controlled shine that’s not heavy or greasy. i spray it into damp hair before blowdrying  and it absorbs right in. i was so surprised by its lightness! i’ve been wary of oils before because my hair is on the thinner side, but this product delivers hair that is healthy, strong, and shiny.

2013-09-03 08.43.40

the goodness lasts for 48 hours and then some, which left me with plenty of time to enjoy every bit of the long holiday weekend. i love that less time locked in my bathroom blow drying and straightening, means more time sunning myself and enjoying the beautiful weather.

2013-09-03 08.43.43

my hair has never been happier and i can’t get enough of the gorgeous results that pantene is delivering with this nicely-priced product. if your tresses need a little rescuing before we launch forward into fall, i strongly recommend this handy little hair saver.

2013-08-31 14.30.40

this post was created in partnership with pantene. all photos are by my very talented friend, kate headley.


7 thoughts on “labor day lovin’ : pantene keragloss oil mist

    • thank you, thank you! i don’t know how you style blogger gals are so comfy in front of the camera all the time. i was such a little stress ball!


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