sephora collection 8 hr mattifying moisturizer sunscreen

sephora mattifying moisturizer sunscreen

don’t get me wrong. i’m happy that we had a hot and sunny holiday weekend to say farewell to summer, but blistering heat can pose problems for a weekend that demands outdoor activities (even if those activities are strictly drinking and lawn games). i spent saturday sitting in a gorgeous winery celebrating the birthdays of one of my favorite people and sunday was set aside for a rowdy family barbecue. after getting shiny and slightly sunburnt in a matter of minutes at the winery on saturday, i had to revisit my makeup strategy for sunday.

sephora’s 8 hour mattifying moisturizer sunscreen was the perfect solution. i love this product. it kind of acts as a primer/spf/moisturizer all tied into one. it gives my skin plenty of hydration, soothing the sensitive and sun-kissed areas, and i noticed a difference the second that i applied my tinted moisturizer over top. it glided on and settled into a more flawless finish than usual, giving me what may be my best skin ever. the mattifying effects are real and i was seriously impressed with how this stuff held my oft oily shine at bay for the entire afternoon/evening yesterday. my skin was comfortable, protected, and matte though a very humid situation.

oily skinned gals will definitely rejoice in this little miracle worker. at $22 it’s a big-time multitasker that delivers major results.

sephora collection 8 hr mattifying moisturizer sunscreen ($22) >


4 thoughts on “sephora collection 8 hr mattifying moisturizer sunscreen

  1. This sounds great! I know you said it’s kind of a moisturizer and primer, but do you think I could still use my primer on top of it, or would that be overkill? I have extremely oily skin, so I’d use this as my moisturizer after washing my face and then add my primer if I’m putting on makeup.



    • i think you definitely could. maybe try it without and see if it’s enough for you. if not, you could add primer – no problem. let me know what you think!


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