how lindsay of belle belle beauty keeps it simple

belle belle beauty simple

you guys might already be aware, but i absolutely LOVE my partnership with simple skincare. never before has a more accessible, high-quality and sensitive-skin-friendly brand captured my heart. as much fun as i’m having talking about the brand here in the glossarie, i thought it might be nice to bring in some fresh perspective. i chatted with one of my fellow brand ambassadors (and dear friends!), lindsay of belle belle beauty, to find out how simple has been working for her skin and to see if she loves the brand as much as me. (spoiler alert: she does.)

hi lindsay! tell us a little bit about your skin.

i’ve been lucky enough to avoid blemishes and oiliness even through my teenage years, but my drier skin is prone to redness and hyper pigmentation. i have quite a bit of sun damage that i am working to reverse. i have a light-to-medium complexion and rely on heavier moisturizers and lots of sunscreen.

how has your skin changed since you started using simple products?

i’ve noticed a definite decrease in redness and irritation. because the products are designed for sensitive skin, my skin feels calmer and looks more radiant. plus, the wipes keep me from lazily going to be with makeup on. it’s amazing how keeping skin clean at night can make such a difference.

what are your favorite products from the line? which one surprised you the most?

i have always loved wipes so wasn’t at all surprised that i fell hard for the radiance cleansing wipes. i was surprised that i loved the vital vitamin cream. i always thought richer creams had to be expensive, but this drugstore version is just as luxurious as more expensive versions. i also love the revitalizing eye roll on. nothing can make me look more awake quicker after a late night!

does your skincare routine change seasonally? are you making any changes for fall?

my skincare definitely changes with the seasons. this summer, i relied on the lightweight protecting light moisturizer, but as it cools, i will be using vital vitamin day cream. i also might switch out the foaming cleanser for a more nourishing moisturizing facial wash.

why do you love working with simple?

simple as a brand is backed by science but straightforward at the same time. their products play so well with my drier and more sensitive skin. plus, their brand ambassadors like lara and allison williams are people i respect and look up to. it feels great to be in great company supporting a brand that i love!


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