deborah lippmann turn back time

deborah lippmann turn back time

last night i attended a fabulous fall beauty event at neiman marcus. i made the rounds to all of the beauty brands to learn what was new for fall, stopping by to chat with representatives at oribe, bobbi brown, trish mcevoy, lancome, laura mercier and estee lauder. i have to say that i had the most fun chatting with the gal from deborah lippmann. not only did we get into all of the nitty gritty on the new jewel heist collection (seriously so gorgeous – you guys are going to die), but we talked about gel lab, stripper to go, and rich girl (a handbag must-have for fall and winter). it was glorious.

as i was saying goodbye, she touched my arm and said “deborah would want me to tell you that your nails are like accessories and that you should never go bare.”


i didn’t want to tell her that my nails had been painted that morning (with my current favorite – butter london’s pistol pink), but that i had to strip them down for a photo shoot. she told me that if i absolutely must go sans manicure, the only thing to do is to swipe on a coat or two of turn back time. like a cc cream for your nails, this treatment is a gorgeous nude packed full of diamond core powder that works to enhance tone and smooth ridges. just a couple of thin coats gives nails a flawlessly beautiful glow. it’s stunning on its own and it also serves as a to-die-for pre-color canvas. if you’re looking for something to brush over top, might i recommend one of these lovelies for a sophisticated and luxe look that’s surprisingly wearable for everyday.

deborah lippmann turn back time ($20) >

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