dior addict lip glow

dior addict lip glow

i’ve heard a lot of hype about dior addict lip glow, so when the lovely lady at sephora told my friend and me that it would give us the always-strived-for “your lips, but better” effect, we rolled eyes before settling in front of the mirror to give it a whirl. seconds after applying we realized that although she may have uttered the most overused and laughable phrase in the beauty industry, she was also exactly right. this incredibly moisturizing balm adjusts to each user’s skin pigment, giving lips a personalized, subtle swipe of color. mine turn just a shade rosier, and the balm adds a touch of sheen. it’s so nourishing that it can substitute as my chapstick in a pinch, and since i’ve started using it (religiously, every day) i’ve had multiple people ask me what i’m wearing on my lips. it’s also spf 10 which is always a plus during these last sun-filled weeks of summer.

reader and glossarie cousin diana is clearly already a fan of this gem as evidenced by her lip bomb post. we love the touch of glam peeking out from inside our purse and the absolute ease with which this stuff makes us feel instantly prettier.

is this one already in your makeup bag? think you’ll be making the addition?

dior addict lip glow, $31 >


16 thoughts on “dior addict lip glow

  1. I couldn’t justify the $31 so I bought sephoras version for only $12 and I really like it. I did a review on my blog if you want to check it out.



  2. YES, this one is definitely in my bag – second tube, almost done. New additions are the Givenchy and Tart Ltd edition ones. I’ll never be without the Dior version, though, to be sure.


      • Do it! The Givenchy seems to become a bit more intense than the Tart and the Dior seems to fall in the middle for me. That Givenchy squeezey gel blush is also kind of insane for me those days!


  3. This is one of my all time favorites! I’ve gone through 2 full tubes. I can’t say that about any other lipstick colors, and I do love lipstick. :) So glad you like it!


  4. This has been on my wishlist for awhile and, after one particularly tough day at the office, I engaged in a little retail therapy and picked it up. Haven’t tried it yet, but I can’t wait to!


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