use me anti gravity volume myst

volume spray, hair spray

let’s talk about sexy hair. 

it’s big, toussly, you can flip it around and get your fingers through it, but it has a mussy texture that evokes a bit of bed head without being sloppy.

if your hair could use some sexing up, have i got the ticket for you. use me’s anti gravity volume myst doles out thickness and volume with piecy texture that’s all kinds of sexy. i love the softness that i get from the paraben and sulfate-free formula and the remaining ingredients include nothing that will weigh me down. my hair is fluffy with slight hold and a flippy finish that’s easy breezy. it’s all kinds of bombshell in a bottle.

use me products are the best because i know that i’m not putting anything in my hair that will damage or dry it. in the case of anti gravity, the spray texture is lightly hydrating with ingredients that protect my hair from my hot tools but that don’t build up and create heaviness. these products always give me my very best hair – like this is the way my hair is naturally supposed to behave.

but way, way better.

use me anti gravity volume myst ($24.99) >


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