hourglass femme nude lip stylo

hourglass femme nude lip stylo

so you wanna go nude, but where’s a girl to start?

the nude lip is such a chic trend, yet so tricky to pull off, with shade choice being the deciding factor and all too often, (pun intended) the kiss of death. people, nude does not mean beige, and the key to that classy nude lip is warmth, dimension, and a creamy satin finish.

if you’re looking to take the guess work out of this not-so-passing trend, i suggest you take a peek at hourglass’ stunning new collection of nude lip crayons. formula is full coverage and so comfortable to wear with a luxurious finish that just doesn’t quit. quite possibly the best part about this half dozen is that hourglass has made it so simple to find a flattering shade.

as a quick rule of thumb: if you’re fair, opt for something golden or peachy (like no. 5); for olive tones, a rose or pink hue (like no. 3 and no. 4) will flatter you beautifully; dark-skinned gals should look for mauves, bronzes and caramels (like no. 2 and no. 6).

the weight on this packaging is luxe and substantial, making me feel like i’m taking a tiny secret weapon out of my makeup bag every time i reapply. i’m calling this one worth every one of its 300 pennies – and i really think you’ll love it, too.

hourglass femme nude lip stylo ($30) >


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