benefit gimme brow

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it’s been a bit since something truly great came along in the brow category. historically, it’s been all about powders, pencils, even pens, but brands have just kind of reinvented the wheel over and over – and to be fair, i never feel like my filled-in brows look natural!

well say goodbye to blah brows, because benefit is making waves with their new gimme brow. as far as i know, this brush-on fiber gel is the first of its kind. going far beyond just taming things and keeping hairs in place, the pigmented product actually gives the very real illusion of thicker brows. it darkens the sparse spots in a natural, buildable way and it’s so fast and easy to use. the brush is impossibly tiny so you can’t really screw up and the formula is sweat proof and long wearing.

i am kind of shocked by how much of an impact this tiny tube makes on my arches. it’s such a cinch (no more feathering in individual hairs with a pencil) and the finished results are going to draw major attention to your beautiful eyes. the product comes in two shades for brunettes, blondes, and in-betweens.

bring on the brows!

benefit gimme brow ($22) >

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