eve lom rescue mask


last weekend was one of those weekends that was so much fun – i had visitors in town and the weather cooperated wonderfully with our plans – but due to a combination of too much time in the sun, eating all the wrong foods (shake shack, anyone?) and indulging in a few summer cocktails, i was left feeling less than beautiful come monday morning. think puffy, tired eyes, broken-out skin, and a general feeling of blah-ness. i was in need of some serious revival.

eve lom’s rescue mask did just what the name suggests – came to my post-weekend rescue. after applying to clean skin (admittedly, with some hesitation due to the rough, oatmeal-like texture and strong smell), i left it on for the instructed 15 minutes, and rinsed off to find my skin feeling refreshed and extremely soft. the mask leaves a subtle cooling sensation, and my skin did not feel tight or dry, as it sometimes does with other clay masks. my pores appeared smaller, and i swear it reduced redness in those 15 short minutes. suffice it to say this might need to become a sunday ritual.

have eve come to your rescue and snap this mask up at nordstrom.


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