mark. 10th anniversary party with brand ambassador lucy hale

lucy hale

i trained up to nyc on monday to celebrate a momentous occasion: mark’s 10th anniversary party. the event was at the trump soho (gorgeous!) and featured their new brand ambassador, lucy hale. mark. really rolled out the red carpet for me, arranging hair with greg ruggeri and makeup with grace ahn – i was having the time of my life before i even set foot inside the party. after i was all dolled up, and before the festivities kicked off, i had a quick meet and greet with lucy! she is beyond adorable, completely refreshing, and very down to earth.

right off the bat, lucy told me that she loves what mark. and avon stand for. beyond her insanely busy schedule filming pretty little liars and recording her first album, lucy expressed that she wanted her next project to be just a little bit more than promoting a product. she has already attached herself to the mark. m.powerment message, feeling as though she was put here to do something bigger than her already impressive accomplishments.

of course we got to talking beauty and she has honed in on some early brand favorites like the make it rich lip pencil, touch & glow and the new on the dot smokey eye color compact. she, like me, really loves promoting something that she really loves. when i asked her if she had any trade secrets, she told me:

“i’ve loved makeup since i was a little kid. i’ve always been fascinated by it and i love going into sephora. i did my sister’s makeup for her wedding – it was pretty good, i’m not going to lie. i have learned what works for my face and how to apply things, what colors make my eyes pop.”

lucy has killer eyebrows, so it’s no surprise that they are her favorite feature to play up. i could not stop staring at them – serious brow envy! before we scooted off to celebrate, i asked lucy what is the best piece of beauty advice that she had been given, and i loved her response:

“no matter how bad your day is, we all have things that we are insecure about. it’s important to find one thing that you love about yourself and embrace it.”

love it. loved her. endless thanks to mark. and lucy for such a fun and fabulous day!

*photo credit to rob loud

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