make solstice bronzer

make solstice bronzer

some may argue that we’re at the tail end of bronzer season, but for me pre-fall is actually when i start to rely more heavily on the stuff. as any tiny hint of a tan that i’ve managed to accumulate this summer begins to fade, my cheeks need a touch more punching up and i’m prone to swap my bright pink blush for more bronze-y tones.

if you too are in the market for a bronzer, look no further than make’s gorgeous solstice option. the geometric design is just the tip of the iceberg and i would argue that four skin-enhancing shades have never before been combined together. it comes in three levels of multi-toned mosaic deepness to suit ladies of all beautiful skins and each one is more beautiful than the next. the paraben, mineral oil-free formula is never tested on animals and the bronze effects that you get from these tans, browns, and pinks is simply stunning. i’ve taken to concentrating my brush on the light pink sections, picking up some of the  warmer tones and then swirling together on my cheeks. the results are subtly sun kissed and glowy in the most natural way. i’m in love!

if your makeup bag is craving a tiny piece of art, do be sure to pick this one up. as you may recall, make is a wholly for-benefit color cosmetics line from we see beauty – so your purchase does nice things for both your inner and your outer beauty.

make solstice bronzer ($22.50) >


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