smashbox liquid halo hd foundation

smashbox liquid halo

it’s been awhile since something truly revolutionary has come along in a foundation, so we are definitely due for a groundbreaking new launch. i believe smashbox has done it with their liduid halo hd foundation.

as a little backstory, i used the halo powder foundation for years and it truly was best in class because, hello, a hydrating powder? so innovative. but, as i’ve crept past 30, i’ve shied away from powders because i think they tend to settle and age. (plus, glowy is in and who am i to fight that?) i’m always searching for the world’s most perfect foundation, one that magically covers all of my imperfections yet still looks like i’m not wearing a drop of makeup. it hasn’t been easy to find, until now.

new halo liquid hd foundation is everything i’ve been looking for. it’s oil free, non drying, and i can wear it all day looking and feeling like i’ve got nothing on. my pesky pimples and acne scarring are completely hidden and my skin looks like it’s lit from within, yet it’s not at all shiny. i had a quick chat with the smashbox lady at nordstrom and i learned that the highly impressive results come from color pigments that are encapsulated in gel so they actually blur your imperfections while evening out skin tone and remaining virtually undetectable. just further proof that gel technology is taking the beauty world by storm.

i think what i love best about this foundation is that i’ve found something that is perfect for everyday, but high performance enough for special events and even the occasional photo shoot. it’s no longer necessary to keep extra bottles handy for different makeup scenarios and that alone is enough to make me want to buy stock in this stuff.

new smashbox liquid halo foundation spf 15 is available at sephora for $42.


7 thoughts on “smashbox liquid halo hd foundation

  1. Very tempted to try this. Do you know how well it works for dry skin? I’ve used other liquid foundations in the past, and they’ve made my skin far too dry.


    • this one is not at all dehydrating (i have had that issue, too!) i think the gel properties in this one keep it from doing that. i would recommend grabbing a tester/sample from sephora and trying it out over a couple of days to see how it goes. i know that everyone’s skin behaves differently. good luck!


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