simple exfoliating facial wipes

simple exfoliating wipes

can anyone tell me where the heck the summer has gone? june and july were supposed to be my quiet months and they have flown! august is going to be a doozy and i know labor day will be here before i know it. phew!

for me, busy days mean lazy nights and i’m lucky if i can make it into bed with a clean face. i hate the way that my face feels the morning after i’ve slept in my makeup, so in an effort to save my skin, i started keeping a small stash of products in my nightstand. this way i can maintain my routine even when i’m bleary eyed and barely conscious. i rounded up my six nightstand essentials over on refinery 29, but i’m sharing a little extra love for the hero of the bunch, simple exfoliating facial wipes.

facial wipes are tricky because you want something that’s going to effectively remove all of your makeup without forcing you to tug at your skin and something that doesn’t leave any residue behind. i also look for something that’s gentle and non-drying. not surprisingly, simple nails all of those prerequisites and earns major bonus points for the removing of dead cells. that means that i can skip my toner and hit the pillow that much faster, all while preventing break outs and doing something nice for my skin. i love the fact that they work fast and they’re two steps in one. honestly, i’m seriously starting to wonder what i did before these found their way into my life.

do you use a makeup removing wipe? have you given these a try?


6 thoughts on “simple exfoliating facial wipes

  1. I have very sensitive skin. It’s more weird than sensitive. I thought these would be perfect, but alas, I am allergic to them. I want to love them, though. So there’s that. I use Burt’s Bees makeup removing wipes.


    • oh no! that happens to me ALL the time. it’s just further proof that there is no one size fits all when it comes to skincare.


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