organix thick & full biotin & collagen

organix thick & full

i don’t know why i have overlooked organix’s massive line of sulfate and paraben-free hair care until now. with 23 collections, they pretty much have something for everyone. i sought their expertise for a solution to my thin-ish hair and i have been blown away by the BIG results.

organix thick & full biotin & collagen lineup offers a shampoo, conditioner, root lift spray, and amplifying lotion – all for under $6 each. and while the price is pretty impressive, it’s the ingredient lineup that has me wondering if this is real life. these products are high performing, with a blend of biotin, collagen, and wheat proteins that even the spendiest salon options will envy.

the shampoo feels very luxe and it cleanses without stripping, leaving my hair soft. the conditioner is lightweight and when applied to my ends it detangles and hydrates bringing a nice level of balance to my hair. the duo leave my hair feeling clean and well taken care of, but not at all weighed down – kind of like i’ve done just enough to bring it back to life. out of the shower, the amplifying lotion (actually more of a serum) seriously pumps up the volume. it’s not at all drying and it doesn’t make any extra work for me when it comes to my beloved flat iron. it gives my bob body and shape without making me look like jane jetson.

the voluminous results that you get from these products are so good that i can’t use all three of them together. i’ve been alternating the shampoo and conditioner with my favorite pantene styler and then using this shampoo and this conditioner with the amplifying lotion. the results are insane! big, big big.

is it changing my hair for the long term? probably not, but the volume is certainly enough to keep me coming back for more. so, if you’re looking for volume, get to a drugstore and grab these purple bottles. at around $18 for the trio, it’s less than half what you might pay for one volumizing product at the salon!

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5 thoughts on “organix thick & full biotin & collagen

  1. It is like you can read my mind! I just folded down an ad for these products in a magazine last night! They just went from considering to buying. I had no idea they were so cheap, and if you actually can’t use all of the products together because the results are that huge, it may be the miracle I’ve been waiting for! Thanks so much for this review!



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