chantecaille elephant fun cheek shade

chantecaille fun

blush might be my favorite beauty product, but it doesn’t get a ton of glossarie love because it can be hard to find one that’s truly groundbreaking. shade is also a complete personal choice. this blush from chantecaille, however, is such a winner in so many ways that i couldn’t resist dedicating a little blog real estate to singing its praises.

at first glance, chantecaille’s cheek shade in elephant fun is visually stunning. the small molded silver compact looks like a piece of tiffany jewelry and i love pulling it out of my makeup basket because it’s just so darn pretty. open ‘er up and you’ll find that fun is a beautiful soft apricot pink with a touch of shimmer. the powder itself is featherlight and goes on matte. i love that it blends to an undetectable finish and looks just like a subtly convincing natural blush. it adheres beautifully (even in this summer heat) and the addition of anti-aging vitamins A, C, and E mean that i get to do something nice for my skin when i wear it.

but beyond its good looks both in and out of the compact, fun actually gives back by donating five percent of proceeds towards rescuing orphaned baby elephants. (not just elephants. not just baby elephants, but baby elephant orphans.) now that is a cause that can have all of my money, but if i can support it by looking gorgeously and naturally flushed at the same time, well then that’s even better.

chantecaille elephant fun, $38


8 thoughts on “chantecaille elephant fun cheek shade

  1. The baby orphan elephants are from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. You can adopt one of their babies also…I have four! Thank you, Chantecaille, for supporting this world-class charitable organization.


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