miracle skin transformer treat + conceal

miracle skin treat & conceal

let’s talk dark circles.

not that anyone particularly enjoys it, but i especially hate looking tired. i am pretty sure that i would rather have a planet-sized pimple than look drained. i’m lucky in that most days, an extra dab of tinted moisturizer or cc cream concentrated under my eyes livens things up – but some mornings, no amount of concealer will do the trick.

i love many things from the miracle skin transformer line, but treat + conceal has shot to the front of the pack. it’s so much more than an under eye concealer! for one, it’s hydrating so it does not cake and settle (seriously, is there anything worse?), but more importantly it virtually erases all traces of dark circle and puff. you only need the tiny, tiniest bit. you’ll find that it goes on like silk, blends flawlessly, and that the finished effect is so smooth and radiant – completely undetectable.

i’ve been applying it over top of my foundation in this “v” or “triangle of light” formation and the improvement is immediate. i’m not sure why i’m surprised…i mean, miracle is in the name, after all.

if you’ve tried every under eye concealer on the market and you’re still on the hunt for that magic eraser, look no further. oh, and rumor has it that you can also use this stuff on dark spots, hyper pigmentation, and redness, making this one very worthy of the $36 investment.

miracle skin transformer treat & conceal eye & face, $36


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