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this blog has always been a passion project – an outlet for me to share my beauty product obsession with anyone who is willing to read along. the opportunities that have been presented to me over the last four years have far surpassed any expectations that i ever could have set and it’s an adventure that has been beyond my wildest imagination.

i never created any goals, but if there was a personal milestone or any kind of far flung dream, it was that one day my beauty tips and picks might be featured in a magazine – in a tiny corner with a nod to the blog and maybe an itty bitty picture of me. maybe.

magazines have been amazing to me and the blog over the years. lucky magazine really started it all when they nominated the glossarie for best beauty voice in 2011. allure honored me as a finalist in their first beauty blogger of the year awards in 2012 and now, seventeen magazine has included me in their beauty blogger special for the august 2013 issue with a full page feature.

i could die.

let me just say that seventeen and i go way back. it was the only magazine that i was allowed to read (although i totally snuck peeks at ym in the checkout line at the grocery store!) and i kept every issue through high school. my mom even used to send them to me in care packages when i was in college. i always devoured it cover to cover!

so, when seventeen tasked six of us with offering up our best tips for back to school beauty, i was all over the chance to contribute. i’m super proud of my “sweet sophisticate” suggestions and i love knowing that girls are taking my tips to the beauty aisle in preparation for the new year.

i am humbled and thrilled at seeing my name, face, and blog in print. i swear this stuff will never get old. so thank you, seventeen! i’m checking a BIG one off the bucket list.


23 thoughts on “seventeen magazine

  1. I haven’t gotten my August issue yet, but congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment! I’m so excited to read your tips and tricks, especially because I’m headed back to school this fall! :)


  2. CONGRATULATIONS LARA!!!! OMG this is HUGE!!!! I knew when I first read your blog (during last year’s blogger awards) that it was quite special. I’ve been a fan ever since and am genuinely happy for your success! Wow, what a dream to be featured in a magazine… I can only hope the same one day for my little blog! But in the meantime, i’ll live vicariously through you! I LOVE all of your wonderful beauty advice. Keep up the great work Lara… i’m always rooting for you!! xo Carla


  3. Congratulations! I read your blog because anything you recommend works. I’ve changed a lot of my beauty routine because of your blog. (Simple facial care is AWESOME and I never would have known about it if it hadn’t been for you).


    • i think this is the best comment i have received in all four years of blogging – thank you SO much for reading and for loving the glossarie. you are the reason why i write!


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