america the beautiful

america the beautiful


happy 4th my gorgeous girls and boys! i hope you’re all enjoying a day off to celebrate with barbecues, fireworks, and (in our case) a fierce corn hole competition (of which we are the reigning champions).

beauty product selection can be tricky on a day when we are often subject to blistering heat and lots of sunshine. i’ve got several favorites to survive the day in style:

perricone md photo plasma, $69
this oil-free spf moisturizer is the bomb. it’s mousse-like in texture, boasts spf 30, absorbs lightning fast and works as a killer makeup primer. definitely my favorite facial sunscreen of the moment! it’s not cheap, but i can feel it keeping my skin baby soft and wrinkle-free.

josie maran coconut watercolor cheek gelee, $22
a cooling gel-stain, these innovative blushes are packed with moisture and positively drench cheeks in a sheer and sort of perfect wash of color. i pat it on with my fingertips, blend, and enjoy 14 hours of continuous wear. water balloon fights and all.

coola liplux spf 15, $12
my lips are always prone to dryness, but in the summer they’re prone to sunburn as well. i refuse to settle for plain old chapstick so i love that coola’s liplux brings serious skincare and spf protection to my lip game. oh, and a peppermint-vanilla flavor that’s to die for.

lucy b lipgloss in pink bikini, $18
i know what you’re thinking: lip gloss is lip gloss. not so in this case as lucy b’s pale flamingo pink is a beautiful finishing touch complete with jojoba and vitamin e. it’s a lusciously smooth formula that’s not at all sticky – just perfectly pretty.

oscar de la renta sun protection stick spf 30, $26
necessary? no. effective? totally. fancy? oh, yes. i don’t know about you, but i’ve never seen a more beautiful sunscreen in all of my life. you’ll be pulling this little guy out nonstop to touch up ears, feet, and other small spots – if only to get a look at the gorgeous tube.

essie naughty nautical, $8
who says you can’t wear red, white and blue-green teal marine? this essie shade has not left my fingertips in weeks. i do love the way it shimmers! add a few glitter stars and seal with a top coat for the ultimate in completely chic patriotic nail art.

i’m off to warm up my tossing arm. happy birthday, america!


2 thoughts on “america the beautiful

  1. Hello there I would first like to congratulate on the success of your blog which I adore, Seventeen magazine brought me here. If you don’t mind could you do like a collage of a full face makeup value from a drugstore. I’m in high school so I keep it natural and we wear uniforms but I just want something to refresh my look! Please and Thank You.


    • thank you so much krystal! i would love to do a full face from the drugstore – what a GREAT idea for a post. i will work on it this week – you are so sweet to come visit the blog and leave a comment. i hope you will keep reading!


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