not your mother’s way to grow shampoo + conditioner

not your mother's way to grow

not your mother’s is quickly becoming one of my very favorite hair care lines. their products are formulated without any of the bad stuff that tends to dry out and damage hair – and their prices cannot be beat.

i have grown fond of stylers like smooth moves, beat the heat, and beach babe and each one delivers in a shockingly good way. i had to move my love affair with this line into the shower! so i’ve been using the way to grow duo for weeks, and not surprising, the results are kinda out of this world.

it’s not that i wanted my hair to grow (in fact, i kind of like the fact that my hair grows slowly – it saves beaucoup bucks when it comes to haircuts.), but the flat iron and blow dryer routine does tend to cause breakage. i had been feeling for awhile that my hair was weakening and the ends always look fried from heat damage. i needed some rescuing.

to say that way to grow has been a welcome addition to my shower scene would be an understatement. for one, these products smell like candy. the shampoo cleanses my hair without stripping it and the conditioner leaves my hair super shiny, without weighing it down. as a major bonus, they both boast ingredients like castor oil and biotin that help with hair growth. after consistent use, my hair is stronger, healthier, and yup – definitely longer.

like visibly longer. like i need a haircut today because my lob has lost all of its shape much more quickly than anticipated. but, you know, beauty is pain, people. so i’ll go call for my haircut and you go buy this shampoo and conditioner, ok?

not your mother’s way to grow shampoo and conditioner, $6 each.


13 thoughts on “not your mother’s way to grow shampoo + conditioner

  1. I need to try this line out – especially the shampoo! The speed at which my hair grows is ridiculously slow, and I miss my long hair! Thanks for the review~


  2. I’m loving their clean freak dry shampoo, but I must try this shampoo line. I recently cut my hair and wishing my hair would grow out fast, but it moves at a snails pace :\


  3. Once again, you reviewed a hair product that I have been curious about ! (see also: living proof weightless styling spray ^_^ ). I had no idea that NYM’s was free of “all the bad stuff” so I’m going to have to try some of their products! I always see this line, but I have never taken the time to actually look at the product labels or read about it online. I NEED to use hair products without any bad stuff because my already damaged (color-treated) hair becomes gross — dry and brittle. Even the most expensive of haircare products with rave reviews online will not work in my hair if it has any bad stuff! I’m so glad you posted about this brand, I am going to definitely try it out now!


  4. Just bought the shampoo because I was so impressed with the price and ingredients, as much as I know about ingredients. Can’t wait to try it more as well as the rest of the line.


  5. Do you use both the products everyday? I have fine hair and it get greasy but I really want my hair to be super healthy and grow so what do you recommend?


    • my hair tends to get greasy, too! i wash/condition every other day and these products have been great – my hair is happy, healthy, and strong.


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