my 30 second face

smashbox cc cream halo blush

it’s always good to have a 30-second face in your back pocket. one or two go-to products that you can slap on at a second’s notice and be completely presentable to the world in under a minute. the two products that comprise my hurry-up-and-get-out-the-door routine change on a regular basis, but my summer duo is pure dynamite.

smashbox’s cc cream comes in five shades and it has a whole lot going for it. for one, it’s extremely lightweight making it perfect for the lovely 90+ and sticky weather we’ve been having this week. beyond that, it completely covers my acne scars and dark spots while controlling oil (major!) and taking care of my daily spf 30. its skin-perfecting formula has serious staying power and emits a gorgeous glow. it does so much more than your average foundation, kind of killing all of the primer/foundation/setting powder birds (in a more minimal way) with one stone.

the new(isn) smashbox halo blushes are genius. a quick swirl into the freshly ground color is all i need to bring a luminous flush to my fair cheekbones. the ‘warm glow’ shade is a rosy nude that’s way better than natural and the staying power that these blushes possess makes them near waterproof (definitely summer sweat-proof) so there’s no issue with fading. i love the shade range in this group so much – perfect for warming up any skin tone, even if you’re spending as much time inside (and out of the sun) as i am this summer.

do you have a 30 second face routine? do share!


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