avon mega effects mascara

avon mega effects mascara

i spotted this crazy cool new mascara in this month’s instyle and it’s as if the avon pr gals were reading my mind, because it appeared on my doorstep not two days later. i couldn’t break into it fast enough, but because i was so intrigued by the design, i watched this video before getting started so as not to lose an eye.

the applicator concept is definitely changing the game when it comes to applying mascara. for one, it’s a completely different shape (so easy to hold) and the brush bends at different angles so that whether you’re a lefty or a righty, you can make it work for you. the wide brush has a slight curve so that it’s a natural fit to your lash line. you can opt to start with the shorter bristles on the side of the brush, or the longer ones at the tip. i’ve been kind of rolling it outward as i apply it so that i get a really thick, dark lash but still the separation and definition that i’m partial to. it’s surprisingly easy to use and the final results are very va va voom. unlike anything i have ever used before.

avon has really nailed the innovation factor here with the brush, but the formula is impressive, too. even though it delivers incredible thickness and drama, you still feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. it wears all day without a single smudge and it comes off easily with face wash. it’s one of those products i just want to carry around with me all of the time so that i can show it off to all of my friends. it’s that cool. 

if you like a super dark, extra thick, almost spidery (but in the best way) lash – or if you’re just hot to try the latest mascara trend – then this is definitely your next new toy. mega effects mascara will be available next month for $10.


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