south moon under grand opening party

south moon under grand opening

do you have a south moon under by you? chances are if you live on the east coast, then you are definitely familiar with the fashion-forward boutique and its surf shop roots. i even find that my friends in the middle and west parts of the country know the brand and shop it online because their styles are just that good. i’ve been shopping SMU since college when my roomie and i used to drive an hour to the closest one in richmond. since graduation (ahem, 9 years ago) i’ve been lucky enough to always have a south moon close by and i find myself popping in almost weekly to see what’s new.

south moon under beauty picks

the brand has absolutely blown up over the last five years and they are getting set to open their 20th location in woodbridge, virginia. the team has asked me to be a part of the celebration and to host a beauty bar at the big party on june 20th. i’m so excited! carrying brands like fresh, stila, butter london, deborah lippmann, nyx (and many more!) makes south moon one of my favorite places to discover new beauty. on 6/20 we’ll be doing mini manicures by butter london and touch ups by stila. giveaways will be going on all night long and gorgeous gift bags will be on hand for the first 50 guests.

i hope you can join us!


7 thoughts on “south moon under grand opening party

  1. I must be living under a rock! I didn’t know about South Moon Under! Thanks, I’ll definitely check it out. And maybe drive alllll the way to Woodbridge ;)


    • i would LOVE to see you there! and yes, there are a few SMU’s in the area for you to shop more locally on the regular :)


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