korres greek yoghurt nourishing lip cooler

korres greek yoghurt nourishing lip coolers

these little lip coolers from korres are bringing something new and different to the table. with a consistency that feels like you’re smoothing greek yoghurt over your lips, the formula buffs away dry skin as it melts on. the long-lasting hydrating effects give way to lips that are softer and more hydrated and the tiny rollerball hidden inside the applicator massages the product in to your lips so that you get the full effects. you’ll feel a burst of coolness once the treatment is in place and the peach and raspberry shades provide a beautiful hint of tint.

having loved all things korres lip (like these, these, and these) in the past, i was super eager to give these a try and i’ve gone back and forth with my feelings on them, but i’ve decided that they’re a love and here’s why:

once you get past the strange consistency (which isn’t offensive in any way – it’s just unlike anything that i’ve ever put on my lips) and the grit (which in the end, disappears and leaves my lips without a single flake), you’re left with improved lip texture and a sheer wash of moist color that’s very, very pretty.

true beauty junkies will appreciate the uniqueness of the product and the innovations in packaging and formula. this is not a necessary addition to every makeup bag, but one that’s been a refreshingly fun find for me – and who am i to deny you anything fun?

korres greek yoghurt nourishing lip coolers, $19


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