pantene pro-v ultimate 10 bb crème giveaway!

Pantene Pro-V - BB Crème

it’s probably no surprise that i like to keep it pretty simple when it comes to my hair. i’ve been rockin’ a lob for a long while now and (thankfully) it doesn’t require too much maintenance – because my hair can’t handle a lot of product. the main gripe i have with hair products is that in order to serve a purpose like smoothing, de-frizzing, heat protecting, etc. they often take vital nutrients from my hair. they make things look great in the short run, but they’re not really doing my hair any long-term favors – sometimes leaving it dry and damaged (plus, the blow dryer and flat iron don’t help matters).

i’ve been wanting to get my hands on pantene’s bb crème for hair for, well, ever, so when their camp reached out to me about testing it, i couldn’t send them my address fast enough. i’ve been using the product for over a week now and let me just say that i’ve been enjoying some seriously good hair. the serum-like formula leaves my hair silky and smooth with beautiful shine. while it works to tame frizz and protect from heat, it also repairs rough/dry hair and strengthens it to better protect against damage. i am already noticing a big difference in how my hair behaves and i love how light this product is! it feels like i’ve got nothing in my hair at all, yet the finished product is way above average. if you blow dry and straighten your hair, you’ll notice that it actually speeds the process along and makes me feel like i’m “fighting” my hair far less. i can straighten it more quickly and the results are more polished. not only does my hair look incredible, but it feels healthy.

it suffices to say that i’m in love.

so in love in fact, that i want you to share in my happy hair. i am giving away one full size bottle of pantene pro-v ultimate 10 bb crème! this contest is open to readers in the u.s. – please enter using the link below. good luck to you and your lovely locks :)

enter the pantene pro-v ultimate 10 bb creme giveaway here!


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