blinc mascara amplified

blinc mascara amplified

anyone with watery eyes will tell you that finding a good smudgeproof mascara is no easy task. sure there are waterproof formulas out there that won’t budge an inch, but they’re a bear to remove and i don’t like the way that they feel on my lashes – kind of spidery and dry. blinc’s original tubing mascara is the only one that i’ve found to be virtually smudgeproof – you can put it on the morning and guarantee that it won’t wander or fade throughout the day.  the only problem is that i like a really full, lush lash and while it provides darkening and some length, the oomph factor is just kind of “eh.” when i heard that blinc. had upped their game (and their brush!) in their new amplified version, i couldn’t get to sephora fast enough.

blinc’s mascara amplified has all of the things that i love about the original formula (thick, glossy black lashes, great length and definition) but this one adds serious volume, too! it holds curl like a dream without weighing lashes down and you won’t feel like you’re wearing mascara so there’s no urge to tug at your lashes (i know you know what i’m talking about). i tested it on an ultra long day that looked like this: up at 5 am, 7:30 train from DC to NY, full day in the city, 9:30 train home to DC, walked in my door at 2 am. when i went to wash my face, the rest of my makeup had long wandered away, but my eyes still looked perfect!

i desperately wanted to shout it from the rooftops, but it was 2 am, so i held back…


11 thoughts on “blinc mascara amplified

  1. I love my blinc mascara — it has been my go-to mascara for the past 2 years. I will have to try out their new version. Another added bonus for blinc is that the mascara lasts forever it doesn’t dry out in one month after purchasing it like most others.


    • so true! and i love that you wear blinc because i was thinking the last time i saw you that i needed to ask you what mascara you used :)


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