this or that: sunglasses

*this or that: sunglasses


i read a little interview with heidi klum recently where she said “one of my biggest beauty products are my sunglasses.” i am obsessed with this quote and i could not agree more! the right pair of sunglasses are not only a glam accessory (and a great way to reflect your own personal style), but they are also crow’s feet stoppers and under eye wrinkle preventers – basically an anti-aging shield for your eyes.

i hunt every season for a great pair of sunnies and most years, i come up empty handed reverting back to a pair of classic favorites. this season, i zeroed in on kate spade’s shawna sunglasses for their black frames, pinched arms, and touch of tortoise. i loved the shape and the unique mixed media look, so i treated myself using funds from a spring sales bonus (thanks, hobo!).

i quickly found that gorgeous as they may be, they are not the most comfortable to wear and they are constantly sliding down my nose. no bueno.

i held on to them because i love the style so much! but, $138 is too steep of a price to pay for something that you’re not crazy about. then, when i saw these two-tone audrey shades from anthropologie, i thought they might be a good option. turns out that they are perfect. they’re lightweight, they fit me exactly right with the cat eye flare that i’ve been looking for and at $38 i don’t care if i’m sick of them next season. with $100 price difference, i can no longer justify the kate spades so back to nordstrom they go. don’t you just love a bargain?

18 thoughts on “this or that: sunglasses

  1. I have a sunnie addiction but tend to misplace them from time to time that I need back ups of my designer sunnies and this looks like a great alternative to the Kate Spade’s Shawna!!! Great find! :D


    • mine don’t get lost so much as they fall off my head on to the floor, pavement, etc. they always get scratched/destroyed :(


  2. So pretty! I have a pair of prescription sunglasses that I love, but I’m starting to realize that I have them on in every photo that’s been taken of me in the last two years and they are pretty distinctive… may be time to mix it up with some cute cheapies!


  3. I also have a pair of Anthropologie shades that I got for $28 earlier in Spring. Their whole line of accessories is divine!


    • haha and i did have both for a few days! ended up returning the kates because that money can be better spent on more shiny new things :)


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