opi liquid sand in ‘can’t let go’

opi liquid sand

here’s the thing about a textured nail: it’s very tough to screw up. smudges, streaks, and chips are far less obvious (read: invisible) when you’re sporting nails with the level of grit that opi’s liquid sand provides. i tested the purple polish when i was in a real rush to paint my nails on the way to a friend’s birthday party. i threw a magazine on my lap and quickly slapped two coats on while i caught up on the news. i was really surprised by how speedily it dried and how much i loved the finished look. yes, it’s edgy and far less glossy than i typically go for, but the fun factor and the ease of application (along with the near instant dry time) has me giving this one two very gritty, purple thumbs up.

shop opi ‘can’t let go’ liquid sand nail lacquer >


10 thoughts on “opi liquid sand in ‘can’t let go’

  1. Love this polish! I got it in my Man Repeller Glossybox a few months back and have been wearing it plenty since!
    Have you tried any of the other shades? I’m curious how they look.


    • removal is way easier than glitter polish and wear is good – hardly any chips! i got tired of it before it started to look rough.


    • i don’t! i should have mentioned that, but it’s not NEARLY as tough to get off as glitter polish. the gritty texture dissolves with regular remover just like normal polish so it was a piece of cake.


  2. lara! great seeing you for a hot second at intermezzo on monday when i walked by with meg! sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat – but glad i got to say hi! also have some textured polish and am a fan of how easy it is to NOT screw up :)


    • sorry it was so crazy when you came by! i would have loved to chat longer :) hope it was a successful buying trip for you!


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