verb products

verb products

one of the best things about blogging is getting introduced to brands that i would never normally stumble upon. when i heard about austin-based verb products and their line of professional-grade, made in the usa hair goodies, i knew i had to give them a try.

it takes a lot to impress me (or any girl) in the hair department so i wasn’t sure what to expect when i got down to business with verb. for the last couple of weeks i’ve been playing with two very different, but equally effective products from the line and i am in full on love mode with both.

volume spray ($14) is the perfect product for those of us with fine hair who want oomph. so many volume products can be drying or can even have the opposite effect and weight hair down. this spray from verb is virtually weightless. a good all-over head mist before blowdrying leaves my hair full of volume, but still soft and flexible. i like the way that it holds  shape so i can flip the ends of my long bob in and they stay that way all day long.

ghost oil ($14) is a daily restorative that naturally smooths frizz. i’m not a fan of putting oil in my hair, but this serum completely vanishes once you run it through wet hair. after blowdrying, you’ll be enjoying a softness and shine that has to be felt to be believed. since using this stuff people have been asking me if i got a brazilian blowout or keratin treatment!  i can still get two days of wear out of one blow dry without my hear getting greasy – so surprising from an oil.

everything in the verb product line is priced at $12 or $14 each making this a very affordable luxury. products are water-based, vitamin-enriched and they all contain a natural UV protectant (perfect for summer!). all formulas are bad stuff-free (no parabens or sulfates) with a barely-there scent. it comes wrapped up in recyclable packaging and is never, ever tested on animals.


6 thoughts on “verb products

  1. I wonder how this ghost oil compares to Schwarzkopf bonacure oil? It’s a similar concept where the excess oil evaporates.


    • i’m not too familiar, but after a quick google search i think that the verb version is maybe a lighter consistency…


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