kiehl’s skin rescuer

kiehl's skin rescuer

as a beauty blogger, my skin is extra stressed. you should see the cocktail of lotions and potions that i’ve got on even as i type this post! i don’t recommend it (and probably, neither would my dermatologist…), but i’ve found something new from kiehl’s that has been offering even my skin some sweet salvation.

skin rescuer is a stress-minimizing daily hydrator that reduces visible signs of stress and flare-ups including skin fatigue and redness. now, that’s a bold claim if you ask me. but again, considering that i have the most stressed skin on the planet, i determined myself to be the ultimate guinea pig – and i was correct.

the product has the consistency of gel, but the thickness of a balm when it comes out of the pump. it smooths over skin to a very lightweight, silky finish and the soft glide along with the way that this stuff sinks right in means that you don’t have to rub and pat very much to apply. (this is extra beneficial to sensitive skin that’s easily irritated by touching.) i love the way that this moisturizer feels – it’s not at all heavy, but it gives my skin all of the moisture that it needs post-shower, no tightness or extra grease

i notice that my skin is much calmer since i’ve been using skin rescuer regularly. it’s comfortable and more balanced in tone and complexion – an achievement very hard to come by when you’re throwing as many different products at your face as i am! if you suffer from sensitive or stressed skin regularly, this is a great everyday moisturizer** and if you face the occasional stress-related flare up, this is a perfect night cream to quiet those minor hissy fits.

i’m giving kiehl’s top marks for this new lotion as not only is it nice to sensitive skin, it actually works to improve it and strengthen it over time – i saw a difference right away.

shop kiehl’s skin rescuer ($40) >

** i should note that it’s missing spf so make sure you’re getting that elsewhere, in your foundation, etc.


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