hourglass lip treatment oil

hourglass lip treatment oil

this is one beauty product that evokes a sense of fancy just by looking at it – let alone actually applying it to your lips. at first glance, hourglass’ new lip treatment oil is just plain pretty! for starters, the antibacterial applicator tip is 24k gold plated and if that doesn’t tell you this stuff means business, i don’t know what will. one press of the dispenser produces something that falls somewhere between the consistency of an oil and a balm and it soothes and hydrates on contact, providing instant relief. the taste is a unique orange, vanilla, clove combination that is ultra luxurious. and the shine? beautiful. it’s also worth noting that this tube might last you a lifetime thanks to a genius pump operation that allows you to waste zero precious product.

at $42, do you need it? no. could you get similar effects from aquaphor? probably. but if you take your lip balm very seriously (as i do – never joke about lip balm) or if you get a kick out of products that are truly special (and that work!), then you’re going to want to give this one a second look. and it goes without saying that if you suffer from super dry chapped lips, this could be quite the life saver.

i say, treat yo’self to this little gem, beauties.

shop hourglass lip treatment oil ($42) >


8 thoughts on “hourglass lip treatment oil

  1. Oh, fancy! 24K gold! Hourglass never disappoints. I totally experience the whole want vs. need debate with myself constantly, lol. This has moved into the “want” category!


    • haha the WORST! good news is that the sephora sale will come around again. i would go in and have them make you a deluxe sample. you can use that to bridge the gap until you take one home for good!


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