spring cleaning

spring cleaning

this spring, i’m cleaning up my act by upgrading some of the products i use to keep my body, skin, and hair fresh and happy. it’s nice to be nice to yourself and while i love the feeling of being scrubbed completely clean, it’s not always the best thing for my body. a lot of products with harsh cleansers are rough on skin, we know that over-shampooing is awful for your hair, and that the chemicals in many cleansers and removers can do more harm than good. i’m not the most obsessed with avoiding these things entirely, but i’ve found that making little changes are not only beneficial, but sometimes the gentler products work even better.

simple eye makeup remover, $6.99: i tend to scrub my eyes when i wash my face to get rid of the primer, shadow, and mascara that i wear daily. after i rubbed them raw a couple of weeks ago, i vowed to add a gentle eye makeup remover to my bedtime routine. i like simple’s version because it’s not at all oily or greasy and it’s free of dyes, perfumes, and irritants.

josie maran bear naked nail wipes, $9: my nails and cuticles are always left so dry after a run with typical polish remover. infused with argan oil, these nail wipes from josie maran leave my nails in perfect condition with no need for extra hydration. one pad cleans all ten nails and I’m left with the feeling that they are naturally nourished.

dr. sponge facial cleaning sponge, $8.50: these natural and biodegradable facial cleansing sponges are the coolest! coming in eight varieties to suit all skin types, they mildly exfoliate, leaving skin clean and fresh. the best part is that after you use it, you can squeeze the water out and use it to actually dry your face so there is no towel needed.

you smell paper hand soap, 3 for $8.75 (75 washes!): the hand soap in public bathrooms really grosses me out. as an aesthetically pleasing (and fun!) alternative, you smell paper hand soap requires just a few drops of water to magically transform into a perfect lather. hands are left smelling like fresh laundry and each pack is small enough to pack inside the smallest clutch.

marvis mouthwash concentrate, $22.50: my husband and i are big fans of a morning swish and we both love contemporary toothpaste brand, marvis. when they launched their new mouthwash concentrate, i know we’d love it. just like their toothpastes, this alcohol-free mouthwash is freshly innovative and it leaves my mouth with long-lasting peppermint taste.

lush no drought dry shampoo, $13.95: i have to wash my hair every other day and that’s only if I douse it in dry shampoo on day two. this version from lush absorbs excess oil and volumizes, but fresh ingredients make me feel a bit better about massaging it into my scalp.


4 thoughts on “spring cleaning

  1. I like this post. I have been thinking about changing some things in my skin and especially hair care routine as well. I still use shampoos and hair products that are stuffed with silicones and SLS and whatnot, and I am thinking about switching to all natural products.


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