yesterday went from high to low, so very quickly. those who engage with me on social media know that i was personally rocked by the events in boston. while i live in the dc area now (northern virginia, to be exact) and i have since i left for college in 2000, i spent the first 18 years of my life in massachusetts. i was raised in jamaica plain, a boston neighborhood full of character and history, so my ties to boston proper are fierce. currently, my sister lives in southie and my parents are on the north shore in newburyport. yesterday was particularly stressful because last year my sister volunteered for the boston marathon and was stationed at the finish line. not to overdramatize, but she was set to volunteer again yesterday and my parents and i could only assume that she was in the same location. thankfully, she changed her plans last minute and she was safe at home during both blasts.


but this is not about me.

this post’s sole purpose is really to proclaim my love, passion, and pride for the city of boston. to let my fellow bostonians know that i am with them in spirit and saying endless prayers for those who were injured, and sadly, those who died. boston is a tough city, but it’s also a safe city – i can’t help but think that the spirit of the city has been permanently alteredthe marathon and patriot’s day as a whole are state-wide holidays. it’s the day of the year when i am the most homesick and to imagine my friends and family going through all of the turmoil of yesterday’s events has been beyond heart wrenching.


so, i hope you will excuse our regularly scheduled beauty programming in lieu of a little love for the hometown.


my heart is with you, boston.


16 thoughts on “boston

  1. <33
    I too was raised in the Boston area (I live in Baltimore/DC now, close to you!). I've gone to the races many times, my Dad was a runner. Shook up doesn't begin to describe how I feel since yesterday. I'm proud to be from there, and so saddened that someone would do this.
    They're strong fighters up there. They'll get through it <3


  2. I feel your pain, Lara! I grew up in Haverhill and went to school in Wellesley. All of my family and most of my friends live in and around the city. It’s hard to be here in DC when so much is happening back home, but I’m sure everyone knows we are thinking of them.


    • a fellow bay stater – i had no idea! the outpouring of love and support for boston is amazing. i certainly hope they feel it coming strong from dc :)


    • absolutely – i have never felt farther from home than over the last few days. hope you’re doing ok and staying strong up there! i truly mean it when i say that my heart is with all of you.


  3. I, too, have family in Boston, and as a new reader of your blog, it’s nice to know you grew up in the same neighborhood as my sister lives in, now. I’m SO so glad your sister was not in the area. Sending my love…


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