white hot nails

white nailswhite hot nails

i cannot get enough of the simple chicness of the white nail trend. yes, at first it reminded me of the days when i used to paint my nails in white out (yes, i was the girl painting her nails with white out during study hall…then drawing flowers on them with a sharpie. what can i say? it was the pre-teen nail art of the 90’s.), but i have overcome my own white nail prejudices and i’m totally loving the trend. there is something so impossibly elegant about the finished look and i’m extra excited to wear it when i’ve got a bit more a sunkissed glow going. thankfully the brands are on board, and you can score white nail polish at both the department store and the drugstore:

essie marshmallow, $8
revlon spirit (on my nails, above), $4.79
deborah lippmann, $17

will you try it?


11 thoughts on “white hot nails

  1. Glad to know I was not the only girl growing up who used to use whiteout to paint my nails. Marshmallow looks like it wouldn’t be too stark so I am going to give it a go.


    • haha apparently a lot of us were doing the white out mani – i have to think that those chemicals are far worse than any that can be found in typical polishes today :)


  2. Love the white nails! I wore Essie marshmallow a lot last year, but I recently discovered Essie instant hot. It’s a white with the tiniest hint of pink, and I’m really liking it, unfortunately it’s not that easy to find.


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