davines love smoothing shampoo + conditioner

davines love

i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower!
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kind of like the way that the right skincare routine provides the perfect foundation for your best-chosen cosmetics, the perfect shampoo and conditioner can make all the difference in your hair. when my hair is cleaned with the good stuff, my styling products perform better, and the finished look is a piece de resistance.

italy-born sustainable beauty company, davines, has been making big waves in salons with a focus on quality products that are crafted with style and spirit, but not only that – they really work.

the newest additions to my routine are davines love smoothing shampoo and conditioner. my entry into the brand, i have been nothing short of thrilled with this pretty pair! the shampoo is gorgeously scented, leaves my hair super soft and just the exact right amount of clean after a good head massage (free of oil, but without drying my scalp). i love a good lather and this stuff foams up nicely, yet it’s a piece of cake to rinse out. the conditioner is thick, almost masque-like and it frees my head of any tangles while giving hair a boost of moisture and smoothness – prepping it perfectly for the blow dryer and flat iron.

i think what’s got me loving this duo so very much is that it’s gentle. i can feel a difference when it’s in my hair and i can absolutely see a difference when my hair is done – leaving it seemingly healthier than when i started. best of all, what normally turns dry and frizzy when fresh out the shower, is moisturized and easy to get a comb through. after a blow dry, hair is left with added shine and some serious volume.

so, let’s recap: this good-for-you shampoo and conditioner adds shine, adds volume, cleans thoroughly, is gentle, lathers well, improves the health of your hair and smells great. i’d say there’s nothing not to love.

shop davines love smoothing shampoo ($19.80) and conditioner ($22.50) >

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