lipstick queen hello sailor

poppy king, blue lipstick

file this one under “so crazy that it just might work.”

poppy king is no stranger to the innovative lip product – her offerings include sheer black, a blood-red stain, and even incandescent opaque shades that mimic butterfly wings. her latest release, however, has me a bit intimidated. hello sailor is a navy blue tint that the experts are telling me is sure to glide on sheer and leave lips with a beautiful berry hint. the blue pigments are suspended in a super-moisturizing vitamin-e treatment, so it goes on like a balm and softens skin with every application. i am lost between feelings of it looking like costume makeup and the thought that it could also be freshly gorgeous for spring…

while i attempt to figure that out, those not of the faint of heart (or perhaps any brides needing a ‘something blue’?) can preorder their own tube from barney’s ($25).

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