eyeko mascara wardrobe

eyeko mascara wardrobe

there’s a lot of debate over what makes a mascara great – the formula or the brush. i definitely believe that it’s a combination of both and your preference for mascara performance depends on if you’re looking for a do-all (thickening, defining, lengthening) or something that specializes in one effect. it gets confusing and you can end up with many different types of mascara and brushes in your beauty arsenal to achieve various desired looks.

but, who really wants to keep up with several tubes of mascara when one amazing formula that comes complete with three different brushes is truly all that you need?

this insanely cool concept from eyeko is a game changer. it gives you one tube of fabulous mascara and three different brushes for less than $30. i’ve been using the mascara wardrobe for a few weeks now and i’m convinced that there is nothing this little set can’t do. the formula might be my favorite one yet. it makes my lashes thick, jet black and glossy; it doesn’t smudge, flake, or run (and it washes off with good old h2o)  and by interchanging the brushes, i can get three completely different lash looks.

eyeko mascara brushes

the tube comes with the define brush already attached and the two spare brushes (left: curl, right: volume) come in these little glass vials for safe keeping in between uses. It’s a piece of cake to switch the brushes around and i think it’s genius that eyeko included the little vials.

the define brush is nicely shaped to the lash line, giving length and definition that really opens up my eyes. the fattened-up volume brush adds fullness and drama of the glossy black variety for super lush lashes – my favorite of the bunch! while i like the curl brush least of the three, it does offer up some very nice curl and hold (even without a curler, which is how i’ve been testing it).

all in all, this is an excellent everyday multi-tasking mascara that provides some serious bang for your buck. i’m highly recommending it for all mascara junkies and anyone who likes to play around with different lash looks, depending on their mood and day of the week.

shop eyeko mascara wardrobe ($28) >


10 thoughts on “eyeko mascara wardrobe

    • yes! i have played around with layering them, but it gets kind of tricky to switch the brushes around, plus the formula dries kind of fast so it’s a little awkward…if you laid things out ahead of time and went in with a plan, you could do something REALLY great :)


  1. I definitely want to try this out! I used Diorshow Iconic Overcurl this morning and ended up with spider lashes… Unfortunately I was at work and didn’t have a lash brush to separate them.


    • ahhh the worst! you’re a brave soul applying at work :) i feel like every time i apply away from home, i end up with it smudged all over my lids and under eyes. (and there is never a q-tip handy!)


    • i love the concept. seriously hoping other brands follow suit – or maybe it will spark a new wave of mascara brushes to hit shelves separately from mascara so that we can play around with different looks all the time!


  2. seems cool, but also kind of gimmicky. how would the extra brushes hold up over time when stored in the vials? would the leftover mascara on the brushes dry out and affect their performance?


    • such a good point – the brand actually recommends washing each brush thoroughly before storing it. that’s WAY too much work for me, so i’ve just been cleaning them off with a tissue so that they’re not sitting in extra mascara like you said. it seems to work fine for now…and i’ll probably be on to the next mascara long before i have time to find out how they hold up :)


  3. I hear such good things about this brand, but I’m not allowed to shop at Sephora anymore (hello, did I just spend $300 in five minutes, what just happened, where am I?). Plus, why can’t we have a mascara that lengths, adds volume, curls AND defines?? Do I expect too much?


    • haha i love that you’ve banned yourself from sephora! have you tried mac’s plush lash? it’s the closest thing i’ve come to a holy grail mascara that does all of the above in a long while…


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