zoya lara

i’m the birthday girl!

to kick off the celebrations, i gave myself a manicure in my signature pink, zoya’s (appropriately named) lara. i’m getting pret-ty good at the diy manicure if i do say so myself, and i attribute my high shine and long-wearing paint jobs to the combination of butter london’s nail foundation (seriously gives the absolute perfect matte base for polish) and opi’s start to finish (leaves a gel-like mirror shine). it takes four coats¬†total and the results are well worth it.

now that my nails are done, i’m off to do a little wine tasting and design hunting with my mister, wrapping up the day with a margarita happy hour followed by dinner with our favorite couple. tomorrow, i’m continuing the celebrations at brunch with my two blogging besties, casie and meg (whose big 3-0 was yesterday). let’s get this party started :)

hope you beauties have a perfect weekend!


14 thoughts on “31

  1. Gorgeous nails! Happy Birthday Lara! Have a wonderful fun-filled birthday weekend! May this year bring you everything you wish for! Keep up the great work, I LOVE reading your blog! xo Carla


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