hard candy cc correction creme

hard candy cc creme

oh, alphabet creams.

first there was the bb craze, now cc creams are on the scene, with dd creams not far behind. quietly testing bunches and bunches of them, i have mainly stayed out of the conversation because…well to be perfectly honest, i haven’t been the biggest fan. (just a little proof for you that i will never post anything on this blog that doesn’t pass my test!) my skin is just not well suited to bb creams, so i kept chugging along with my typical primer-plus-foundation routine without complaint. when hard candy contacted me about their new cc cream, i was optimistic but skeptical. when i finally got around to giving it a test last week, i was floored. i seriously cannot believe that i let this $8 wonder sit in a drawer for so long.

but first, let’s back up. what exactly is a cc cream? cc stands for color correction (or color control, or complete correction…) and cc creams claim to retain all of the skincare benefits of a beauty balm while adding more effective and natural-looking skin coverage. cc creams include spf, come in multiple shades, tending to blend better with skin tone than a bb cream, and, with a lighter texture, they leave a less oily finish while still nourishing the skin.

the hard candy cc cream comes in four shades (i’m using fair), is oil free, and includes spf 15. the texture definitely leans on liquid, so i’ve been turning the tube facing up, squeezing a little out and then using my brush to pick up the creme straight from the top of the tube. it works well because my hands don’t need to be involved and i don’t waste any product. the creme is super easy to apply, needing hardly any blending at all. my skin tone is quickly improved by a light application and i absolutely love the way that this stuff wears. my skin is left looking not too matte, not too shiny, just flawlessly natural. i find that the coverage is more than a tinted moisturizer and the wear time is so impressive that this little tube has completely replaced my primer-plus-foundation routine. needless to say i am really loving this stuff – so, providing that you can find the right shade match i am highly recommending!

shop hard candy cc correction creme ($8) >


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