colorproof clearitup detox shampoo

colorproof clearitup detox shampoo

i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower!
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i believe that everyone who uses styling products needs a “sunday” shampoo, a once weekly detox that clears your scalp of product buildup and restores much needed lustre to your locks. one of my favorite tricks is to incorporate a cleanser intended for those with color-treated hair into my washing repertoire. even though my hair is 100% natural (at the moment…some who know me well may remember my platinum blonde college phase), a shampoo for color-treated heads is a great way to take extra loving care of your hair and can even add a little oomph to your natural shade and texture.

colorproof’s clearitup detox shampoo has been a welcome addition to my shower caddy. it’s 100% vegan, letting ingredients like baking soda, vitamin c and vitamin e deeply cleanse hair and scalp of all dulling buildup without stripping color. it leaves my hair lushly clean, not squeaky thanks to a lack of sulfates. since i’ve been using it regularly, my color has definitely increased in vibrancy and my hair is much more shiny. i absolutely love this stuff!

as an added bonus, my stylist recently taught me the most effective way to apply shampoo. (you thought you knew!) after completely soaking your head, pour a small amount into your hands and rub them together to work up a lather. then, pat it on to the top of your head, spreading it evenly. once that’s done, get to giving yourself an excellent (and well-deserved) head massage. make sure to rinse thoroughly and voila – one clean head of hair!

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