rollerball round up

rollerballs + perfume oils

yesterday i sparked a little twitter conversation about where people apply their perfume. i’m a crook of the elbow kind of girl (i love the way that i get wafts of scent all day long, even if i’m wearing long sleeves) but responses really ran the gamut. some of the most popular choices were classic inner wrist, nape of the neck and hair, backs of the knees, and behind the ears. as i got to thinking about trying to get perfume on the backs of my knees (tricky tricky!), and with such targeted points of application being popular, i quickly realized that a perfume oil (preferably with a rollerball) is really the only way to go. you get a much more condensed concentration of fragrance and it’s a dream to apply and travel with. i have a few new favorites in the perfume oil / rollerball category with rosie jane’s new tilly rising above the rest as my declared scent of spring and summer.

rosie jane tilly perfume oil, $39: absolutely gorgeous! smells like summer but definitely appropriate to be worn year-round. this is the sister fragrance to my signature scent – top notes are grapefruit, gardenia and a hint of pineapple.

l’occitane pivoine flora eau de toilette roll-on, $22: purely peony thanks to extract sourced directly from the south of france. i absolutely love the simplicity of this scent that captures the essence of one of my very favorite flowers.

mcmc love perfume oil, $45: i am obsessed with this brooklyn brand! basil and gunpowder make this the most unique fragrance of the bunch. its citrusy spice is intense and long-lasting.

lurk perfume oil prj v1, $52: discovered at anthropologie, lurk calls soho home. prj v1 (named after the first letters in its three main ingredients) layers rose, jasmine and petitgrain (from the the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange plant) for a raw floral experience.

do you prefer a perfume oil or a traditional eau de toilette?
do you use a roller ball or a spray bottle (or a solid)?


7 thoughts on “rollerball round up

  1. I originally started using rollerballs as a way to try new perfumes without having to buy the whole big bottle but ended up preferring them to the spray. I find that I get better use out of the roller ball (maybe I end up wasting less).


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  3. i like rollerballs but i have one that just doesn’t seem to smell as good as the spray version. (issey miyake l’eau de issey florale) but otherwise i totally like how they’re affordable, portable, and a good way to try perfume. I don’t know that i’ve ever made it through a bottle before i was over the scent!


    • that’s totally my problem – i think that’s why i love them so much (because they’re mini) – but, i do know that the rollerball scents smell different from traditional sprays so you definitely have to be careful!


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