a happy saturday

making me happy
making me happy 2
yesterday was a doozy. why the whole week can go swimmingly just for friday to come along and knock you on the head never fails to baffle me! i’m taking it easy today and soaking in the joy from these five sweetly simple things:
1 – the anthropologie sale (especially this top)
2 – a new lip conditioner, apricot lipstick, and white nails – all from revlon
3 – a little gold kitten for my first knucle from catbird
4 – this bamboo beauty organizer keeping my dailies perfectly pretty
5 – a hilarious audio book – seriously a must read, i don’t think i’ve ever laughed so hard!
what’s making your saturday bright and cheery? happy weekend to you!

9 thoughts on “a happy saturday

  1. I am en route to Container Store as I type (Hubs is driving) to pick up my 7-drawer acrylic organizer and lipstick holder. These should make a small dent in the massive amount of cosmetics overcrowding my vanity…


    • amazing! i love feeling organized, especially with my beauty products because i feel like i tend to use more of them when they’re out and visible in a pretty way.


  2. Oooooh I LOVE Anthro sales! I have a soft spot for their gorgeous boho tops… and everything else of course! If it makes you feel any better… I had one of those Fridays too! But i’m glad these pretty things made you smile :) xo Carla


    • i rarely buy stuff full-priced at anthro anymore because their sales are so great! my packages have been trickling in over the last few days – the good cheer just keeps coming :)


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