it cosmetics ultra repair liquid oxygen foundation

it cosmetics oxygen foundation

i’m very picky about what goes on my face, because breathe on it wrong and i’m suffering a massive breakout. i’m always skeptical about foundation and i’m intensely particular about formula and what something feels like when it goes onto my skin. when it cosmetics’ new ultra repair liquid oxygen foundation arrived, i had high hopes because there is a lot of buzz about oxygen-infused products and how great they are for your skin. your skin cells (and all of your cells, really) require oxygen to metabolize and boosting the oxygen level can give you more youthful, glowing skin.

this foundation goes on the most smooth of any other that i have found. it looks and feels like second skin – absolutely weightless. your face is left looking dewy with minor imperfections completely blurred away. normally with a foundation, i love the way that it looks or i love the way that it feels on my face, but rarely both. in this case, you get the best of both worlds plus amazing skincare benefits. the formula includes hyaluronic acid to keep skin supple (especially helpful in winter), it contains anti-aging ingredients like peptides (to plump and hydrate skin), hydrolyzed collagen (to help fight fine lines and wrinkles), and niacin (which minimizes pigmentation).

i will also note that adding the ultra repair liquid oxygen foundation to my regular routine and making no other changes to my skincare, i have noticed a real difference in my skin health and clarity. it’s calmer and much more clear – improvements that i can fully attribute to oxygen. if you’re skin is picky and you’re in the market for a new foundation, this is an incredible and innovative option.

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2 thoughts on “it cosmetics ultra repair liquid oxygen foundation

  1. Hi Lara! I love your blog and all of the positive reviews you give, they are very refreshing. :) This foundation looks really nice! I am guessing by the way you described it in the review that this gives a light/sheer coverage, but what type of coverage would you say it gives?


    • it’s definitely more coverage than with a tinted moisturizer so i would say it’s medium coverage with a very natural finish. i have some dark spots and acne scars which it covers no problem – hopefully that helps!


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